For the bad days!


With hair, we all start somewhere. Like this baby we are all innocent in the beginning. At the beginning you don’t know if your hair is going to be curly, straight; thick or thin; blonde, brunette, or red head. That is where the beauty truly starts, in the beginning of the unknown. Nevertheless, we all get past the innocence and newness of the situation, and through the journey of growing up realize the challenges that we might face.

As a college student and one that lives in Florida, I am not always concerned with my appearance, and sometimes the weather just does not play fair. These are some of the days that I just want to throw my hair up into a pony and head out the door. While I would love to do that, on those bad days I try to remember the little tricks that every woman can use to keep from looking like they could care less.

So, without further ado here are three easy fixes for the days that you could care less:

1.) The side braid (An easy fix that keeps the FRIZZ under control)!


2.Pony with a braid down the back (I mean c’mon what could be easier?)


3.) Last but not least, throw a scarf into the mix, it livens up any boring do to draw attention away from the fly-away or oily strands!



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