The fishtail braid is not a fish out of water!

fishtailfish tail 3fishtail 2

Many people think that the fishtail braid is something that can only be done by professional hair stylists. This is WRONG! I love Fishtailing my hair on a regular basis, and so I will now pass my wisdom on to you! Braids are the perfect accessories for spring and summer, especially in Florida, where the weather is constantly changing!

1.) Gather your hair to the side of your head, and divide it into two sections (as opposed to the 3 for regular braids.)

2.) Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and then use your other hand to grab a piece from the outside of the other section.

3.) Pull the stands over to the other half, and then take another piece from the outside of the other section and braid the opposite way. Keep the pieces tiny.

4.) Keep going until you start to run out of hair! The messier the better, finish it with an elastic.

5.) For a challenge you can try what is known as the French fishtail braid. This is done in the same way as the fish tail braid, the only difference is that you start at the top of your head with two pieces of your hair and work your way down. Drawing the hair by little pieces as you work your way down, much like a French braid!

That is how you do a fishtail braid and it is great in a pinch!


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