Zip Up and Zip Down Zipper Braids!

Today I woke up with one of those bad hair days, where thanks to humidity my hair refused to cooperate with anything I wanted to do. Instead of doing one of my go to bad hair day hairstyles I decided to try something new that I had seen in a Pinterest post! It is called the Zipper Braid, one that is very neat to try!


1. Start by brushing your hair thoroughly and eliminating any knots that might get in your way.

2. Tip your head upside down and start a French braid at the nape of your neck.

3. Make sure to make this really tight because it loosened when I flipped my head back up.

4. Continue French braiding until you get to the crown of your head.

5. Hold the braid firmly in place and make a ponytail.

6. There are also variations of girls who have braided the rest of their ponytail and made a braided bun. However, I just decided to do a simple sock bun instead 🙂

7. And voila! It is finished; if you have any bangs that are in your face you can always add a cute headband to dress it up.


I love this hairstyle and hope you enjoy it too 🙂


Wedding Hair :) Part 2!


For the next event in the weekend wedding is of course the wedding and wedding reception. For the wedding I wanted to have my hair up so that at the wedding reception I could have fun without worrying about my hair getting frizzy while dancing and having fun. I decided on a low messy side bun, as it is simple and sophisticated.

1.)   You are going to pull your hair into a low ponytail on the side.

2.)   Loosen up the roots a little bit for more of a formal look.

3.)   Now that your hair is in a ponytail you are going to make a ball of it. You do this by cupping the hair from the bottom and wrapping a hair tie around it a few times.

4.)   Now, you are going to shape and pin as needed to make sure that all of the hairs look messy but kept together in the bun.

5.)   Next, make sure that you pin back any bangs or loose hairs into the hairstyle. Or if you prefer to have them down around your face then you should add a soft curl so that they frame your face instead of laying limp.

This was a great hairstyle for the wedding and the reception. I did not have to stop and fix my hair once during the dancing with my friends and family and was able to enjoy the wedding to the fullest.Image

Wedding Hair :) Part 1!

Fishtail Hair Band 1When you are in a wedding, whether it is a family or friends wedding, you are required to attend all of the functions that go along with this! I have attended and been involved in many weddings, and have learned many pro and cons to wedding hairstyles for required wedding events. This of course entailed the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and the bridal brunch. So I had to figure out different hairstyles for each of these events so that I would have different looks for each event. Over this past weekend I was in my cousins wedding and had to figure out many simple yet sophisticated hairstyles for the rehearsal dinner, reception and bridal brunch. So, I decided on some simple hairstyles that I was able to pull together without an extra set of hands!

First, for the rehearsal dinner I decided on a fishtail headband, mainly because I would be able to help out with things during and not have to worry about dealing with my hair. The following steps for this are as follows:

1.)   Take a section above and behind the head on one side of your head, as this is what will be your fishtail braid.

2.)   Make sure you have enough hair to lay over it so that you don’t see any holes when you finish braiding it.

3.)   Take the section of hair and make two sections; this is the main difference between a fishtail braid and a normal braid.

4.)   Take a small piece of the outside of one section and cross it over to the other side. And then just repeat until you’ve moved all the way down.

5.)   The smaller the strands you’re taking the more scales you are going to have and the better the braid will look.

6.)   When you have this section braided all the way down take a small hair tie and tightly secure the end.

7.)   Repeat this on the opposite side of your head, in the section that runs in a straight line from the other side.Fishtail Braid 2

8.)   After you have secured both braids you are just going to pull apart the braid and make it really wide and flat. Once you are finishing pulling apart your braid and making them full and wide you are going to cross them over your head and secure them with a pin.

9.) I finished this hairstyle off by simply adding some curls to the end of my hair, and had a wonderful time!

This turned out to be a simple and easy hairstyle that worked perfectly for the rehearsal dinner.