Wedding Hair :) Part 2!


For the next event in the weekend wedding is of course the wedding and wedding reception. For the wedding I wanted to have my hair up so that at the wedding reception I could have fun without worrying about my hair getting frizzy while dancing and having fun. I decided on a low messy side bun, as it is simple and sophisticated.

1.)   You are going to pull your hair into a low ponytail on the side.

2.)   Loosen up the roots a little bit for more of a formal look.

3.)   Now that your hair is in a ponytail you are going to make a ball of it. You do this by cupping the hair from the bottom and wrapping a hair tie around it a few times.

4.)   Now, you are going to shape and pin as needed to make sure that all of the hairs look messy but kept together in the bun.

5.)   Next, make sure that you pin back any bangs or loose hairs into the hairstyle. Or if you prefer to have them down around your face then you should add a soft curl so that they frame your face instead of laying limp.

This was a great hairstyle for the wedding and the reception. I did not have to stop and fix my hair once during the dancing with my friends and family and was able to enjoy the wedding to the fullest.Image


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