Zip Up and Zip Down Zipper Braids!

Today I woke up with one of those bad hair days, where thanks to humidity my hair refused to cooperate with anything I wanted to do. Instead of doing one of my go to bad hair day hairstyles I decided to try something new that I had seen in a Pinterest post! It is called the Zipper Braid, one that is very neat to try!


1. Start by brushing your hair thoroughly and eliminating any knots that might get in your way.

2. Tip your head upside down and start a French braid at the nape of your neck.

3. Make sure to make this really tight because it loosened when I flipped my head back up.

4. Continue French braiding until you get to the crown of your head.

5. Hold the braid firmly in place and make a ponytail.

6. There are also variations of girls who have braided the rest of their ponytail and made a braided bun. However, I just decided to do a simple sock bun instead 🙂

7. And voila! It is finished; if you have any bangs that are in your face you can always add a cute headband to dress it up.


I love this hairstyle and hope you enjoy it too 🙂