Zip Up and Zip Down Zipper Braids!

Today I woke up with one of those bad hair days, where thanks to humidity my hair refused to cooperate with anything I wanted to do. Instead of doing one of my go to bad hair day hairstyles I decided to try something new that I had seen in a Pinterest post! It is called the Zipper Braid, one that is very neat to try!


1. Start by brushing your hair thoroughly and eliminating any knots that might get in your way.

2. Tip your head upside down and start a French braid at the nape of your neck.

3. Make sure to make this really tight because it loosened when I flipped my head back up.

4. Continue French braiding until you get to the crown of your head.

5. Hold the braid firmly in place and make a ponytail.

6. There are also variations of girls who have braided the rest of their ponytail and made a braided bun. However, I just decided to do a simple sock bun instead 🙂

7. And voila! It is finished; if you have any bangs that are in your face you can always add a cute headband to dress it up.


I love this hairstyle and hope you enjoy it too 🙂


Wedding Hair :) Part 2!


For the next event in the weekend wedding is of course the wedding and wedding reception. For the wedding I wanted to have my hair up so that at the wedding reception I could have fun without worrying about my hair getting frizzy while dancing and having fun. I decided on a low messy side bun, as it is simple and sophisticated.

1.)   You are going to pull your hair into a low ponytail on the side.

2.)   Loosen up the roots a little bit for more of a formal look.

3.)   Now that your hair is in a ponytail you are going to make a ball of it. You do this by cupping the hair from the bottom and wrapping a hair tie around it a few times.

4.)   Now, you are going to shape and pin as needed to make sure that all of the hairs look messy but kept together in the bun.

5.)   Next, make sure that you pin back any bangs or loose hairs into the hairstyle. Or if you prefer to have them down around your face then you should add a soft curl so that they frame your face instead of laying limp.

This was a great hairstyle for the wedding and the reception. I did not have to stop and fix my hair once during the dancing with my friends and family and was able to enjoy the wedding to the fullest.Image

Wedding Hair :) Part 1!

Fishtail Hair Band 1When you are in a wedding, whether it is a family or friends wedding, you are required to attend all of the functions that go along with this! I have attended and been involved in many weddings, and have learned many pro and cons to wedding hairstyles for required wedding events. This of course entailed the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and the bridal brunch. So I had to figure out different hairstyles for each of these events so that I would have different looks for each event. Over this past weekend I was in my cousins wedding and had to figure out many simple yet sophisticated hairstyles for the rehearsal dinner, reception and bridal brunch. So, I decided on some simple hairstyles that I was able to pull together without an extra set of hands!

First, for the rehearsal dinner I decided on a fishtail headband, mainly because I would be able to help out with things during and not have to worry about dealing with my hair. The following steps for this are as follows:

1.)   Take a section above and behind the head on one side of your head, as this is what will be your fishtail braid.

2.)   Make sure you have enough hair to lay over it so that you don’t see any holes when you finish braiding it.

3.)   Take the section of hair and make two sections; this is the main difference between a fishtail braid and a normal braid.

4.)   Take a small piece of the outside of one section and cross it over to the other side. And then just repeat until you’ve moved all the way down.

5.)   The smaller the strands you’re taking the more scales you are going to have and the better the braid will look.

6.)   When you have this section braided all the way down take a small hair tie and tightly secure the end.

7.)   Repeat this on the opposite side of your head, in the section that runs in a straight line from the other side.Fishtail Braid 2

8.)   After you have secured both braids you are just going to pull apart the braid and make it really wide and flat. Once you are finishing pulling apart your braid and making them full and wide you are going to cross them over your head and secure them with a pin.

9.) I finished this hairstyle off by simply adding some curls to the end of my hair, and had a wonderful time!

This turned out to be a simple and easy hairstyle that worked perfectly for the rehearsal dinner.

Girls just want to have fun…Oh girls just want to have fun!

Everyone has that special occasion that they want to dress up for! Whether it is your anniversary, awards ceremony or just a friends birthday dinner; everyone wants to have that special hair-do! However, who can afford to go to the salon for these things? As a starving college student, I know that this is not an option for myself, so I learned some glamorous do it yourself hair styles!

First, there is the side swept do:


1. Start by parting your hair to the side.

2. You then should separate your hair into sections to curl with a clip.

3. Starting at the top, separate enough hair to have big curls and curl away from your face.

4. If you would like to have a more fancy option, like Taylor Swifts hairstyle, then perform a simple braid starting at the root of your bangs and work down.

5. Bring your hair to the side of your head with the most amount of hair, and band it with a hairband.

6. Grab one of the longest sections of your hair, about 2 fingers wide, and braid it down from the hairband.

7. Take the band and wrap it around the hairband and secure it with a bobby pin, this hides the hairband and gives the hairstyle a more sophisticated look.

8. Finally, take any hair that is remaining around your face and curl it, this gives your face a softer look.

Second, there is the Twisted Sister Up-Do:


1. Start with wavy or curly hair.

2. Then clip the front and top of your hair up and then put the remaining hair up in a messy bun, the messier the better!

3. Then take individual pieces from the top and front, and loosely twist them.

4. Take that piece and pin it into the messy bun, making sure to leave it not tight.

5. Continue to do this, alternating sides until you reach the top section of your hair.

6. Finally, backcomb the crown area of your hair for an easy volume.

7. Then twist and pin that section into the bun.

8. Gently pull a few pieces from your hairstyle and curl them away from your face to soften your look!

9. Finally, use a mirror or friend to make sure that none of the bobby pins are visible in the back.

I hope that these hairstyles light up your fancy night! 🙂

The fishtail braid is not a fish out of water!

fishtailfish tail 3fishtail 2

Many people think that the fishtail braid is something that can only be done by professional hair stylists. This is WRONG! I love Fishtailing my hair on a regular basis, and so I will now pass my wisdom on to you! Braids are the perfect accessories for spring and summer, especially in Florida, where the weather is constantly changing!

1.) Gather your hair to the side of your head, and divide it into two sections (as opposed to the 3 for regular braids.)

2.) Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and then use your other hand to grab a piece from the outside of the other section.

3.) Pull the stands over to the other half, and then take another piece from the outside of the other section and braid the opposite way. Keep the pieces tiny.

4.) Keep going until you start to run out of hair! The messier the better, finish it with an elastic.

5.) For a challenge you can try what is known as the French fishtail braid. This is done in the same way as the fish tail braid, the only difference is that you start at the top of your head with two pieces of your hair and work your way down. Drawing the hair by little pieces as you work your way down, much like a French braid!

That is how you do a fishtail braid and it is great in a pinch!



1.) Shampoo and Conditioner: This is KEY! This is the beginning of making sure that your hair is prepared for the process of straightening it! One of the best products of 2013 is the Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. While this is not specifically for straight hair, it does strengthen your hair to deal with the heavy heat.

2.) Blow Dryer: After washing your hair, you then have to get it DRY! One of the best ways to straighten your hair is to first blow dry it mostly straight! This is best done with an Ion Conditioning Blow Dryer; a new concept in which dryers send negative ions to the hair, replacing moisture and protecting the hair, while also cutting down drying time. For girls with thick and curly hair, this is a WONDERFUL THING! Anything that cuts down on drying time is a winner to me!

3.) Straightening balm: This is used in conjunction with blow-drying your hair, as it can help you to cut down on the frizz and to protect your hair while drying! One of the best products that I have found is John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula! This allows your hair to be protected against the heat of the blow dryer, and also keeps the hair from frizzing out in the process.

4.) Flat Irons: Finally, the Flat Iron, however choosing the type of Flat Iron that you use on your head is very important! One of the best reviewed Hair Flat Irons is a Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron. The wonderful thing about this Flat Iron is that the titanium plates infuse hair with negative ions (much like the blow dryer) which helps to protect the hair.

5.) Silicone Serum: This is a very important step to remember, as this helps to keep you from having fly-away hairs, gives a layer of shine, and also gives a little replenishment. The best one that I have found is Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss. The wonderful thing about this is that you don’t have to pour it in your hand instead it is used as a spray. The spray allows a more even distribution.

I hope that this does wonders for you on your journey to get straight hair!

For the bad days!


With hair, we all start somewhere. Like this baby we are all innocent in the beginning. At the beginning you don’t know if your hair is going to be curly, straight; thick or thin; blonde, brunette, or red head. That is where the beauty truly starts, in the beginning of the unknown. Nevertheless, we all get past the innocence and newness of the situation, and through the journey of growing up realize the challenges that we might face.

As a college student and one that lives in Florida, I am not always concerned with my appearance, and sometimes the weather just does not play fair. These are some of the days that I just want to throw my hair up into a pony and head out the door. While I would love to do that, on those bad days I try to remember the little tricks that every woman can use to keep from looking like they could care less.

So, without further ado here are three easy fixes for the days that you could care less:

1.) The side braid (An easy fix that keeps the FRIZZ under control)!


2.Pony with a braid down the back (I mean c’mon what could be easier?)


3.) Last but not least, throw a scarf into the mix, it livens up any boring do to draw attention away from the fly-away or oily strands!